Quals – Research paper (NEW) format

Here are a few things MEGA has put together for Fall’21 Qualifying Exam takers. Hope you will find these useful as you study to master the material and the new examination format.


1) Study Groups at “MEGA Club for Quals”

Click on the following link to get connected at MEGA Teams group.

MEGA Club for Quals Teams Chat

To join a study group: Like and reply to the post depending on the quals subject you are planning to take.


2) Study Guide Rubric

MEGA got in touch with students who took a trial run of the new exam format to learn more about their experience studying for and taking the QE in the new format. Their experience and study tips have been compiled in a Study Guide that acn be found by clicking on the link below.

Download Study Rubric here:

Quals Study Guide Rubric


3) Quals Prep Planner

Use this Quals Prep Planner (linked below) to find out what MEGA plans to offer this semester as you prepare for success in the upcoming QE.

Download PDF here:

Quals Prep Planner